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Lookout Mountain Honeybees

1590 Tabor Cutoff, Gadsden, AL 35904, US

(256) 523-4767


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BEGINNING BEEKEEPING class jan 16-march 12 field day march14

DIY Tips

Raise your own Bees using chemical free procedures  Every beekeeper has to learn what  WORKS BEST in his own apiary this might be in the first year of beekeeping or several years, remember our planet and surroundings are changing every day


Building Community

We are here to help you with any beekeeping questions that you may have.  It is best to start out with two Langstroft hives.  Should you have problems with one hive and need extra bee's you have supply right at your reach to boost  the week hive,


The Right Choices

Start out by thinking like a honeybee and not like a beekeeper and you will have a better chance of surviving as a beekeeper.  Wild Honeybee  scouts look for an open void  of about 40 square inches which they can protect and control the temperature and humidity.

    When you begin Beekeeping start out with two hives with a solid bottom board 1/2" side up.  Use an entrance reducer with an entrance opening about the size of a quarter or 3/8" X 3"{no entrance reducer shown on this hive}.  use wood frames with wax foundation. Screen bottom boards were origianly used to count varoa mites that dropped to the bottom in a 24 hr. period not for permanent use.

 Almost all packages and Nuc's are raised on bees wax and solid bottom boards.


DIY Build your own beehives


Telescoping top w/metal cover
Brood Box
Solid bottom board
Inner cover 
10 frames & 2 frame rest
10 sheets of foundation 
Boardman feeder
Entrance reducers
Nails & Instructions

2--9 Frame dividers
9 frames
9 sheets of foundation
Nails & instructions

We  also sell assembled hives and supers. You can order them painted any  color or stained with a water environmental friendly stain.



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Lookout Mountain Honeybees

1590 Tabor Cut Off, Gadsden Al. 35904

(256) 523-4767

Hours 8-5 Monday thru Friday, Sunday by appointment

Open today

08:00 am – 06:00 pm

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About Us



I began beekeeping at the age of 13.

Here Im checking out a feral hive of 

honeybees nesting in the repelling rock

at Comer Boy Scout Camp in Mentone

Alabama. I taught the  Beekeeping Meritt 

Badge there from 1964-1967. All

together I have been keeping or teaching

 honey bees for about 37 years

I also organized the Alabama Master Beekeepers Program in 2010


Lynne Kelton

I begin beekeeping with David in 2002. Since then I have learned alot of beekeeping skills, teach beekeeping and The Welsh Honey Judging Class,  speak to many different organizations, schools, and bee clubs on Beekeeping. I am an Alabama MASTER Beekeeper and the state of Alabama SENIOR Welsh Honey Judge. 


Lane Kelton

I started Beekeeping in 2010. I help build the hives, work the bees, catch swarms, do bee removals and install packages and help teach beekeeping classes.

I am currently in the Alabama Master Beekeepers Program, working towards my Master's Certification.


Check out this video on installing a 3lb packagee of HONEYBEES


Check out this video on Treating for varorra mites. part 1


Check out this video on Treating for varorra mites. part 2

Video of TYKER QUEEN laying eggs

Check out this great video of one of our TYKER QUEENS. These queens are raised from selected RUSSIAN mothers and mated with selected survivor DRONES. The RUSSIAN mothers are from queens that are from the RUSSIAN Queen breeders.  The DRONES come from hives that have been on their own with no intervention by man for several years. We select our base stock depending on mite and disease resistance,amount of bees and honey produced. We also look at swarming,overwintering, survivability and much more.