Queen Class April 21-22-2017
                    registration starts at 8 a.m. Fee $130 for            both days, includes lunch,door prizes and hand outs
                              Learn how to raise a few or hundreds of Queens
We will cover several methods
of queen rearing, how to set up a breeding
yard, how to split hives and much more.
Call or email to register the class limit is 20 students
Ph. 256-523-4767  or Email honeybees60@gmail.com
              Italian Packages & Queens pickup date
March 30, 2017
April 12, 2017

       Package price $120.00 each      
   Queens $32 each
Tyker Queens $40 each
5- FRAME NUCS $175 will be ready for pickup
middle to end of April 2017
(weather permitting Mid-April)

Medicated Syrup Mix For Stress & 1/2lb.  Brood Builder
(Makes 1 gal. Syrup)

To Place an order Please Contact Us:
David or Lynne Kelton
(256) 523-4767

We stock and ship most all honeybee equipment, Queens. Established Hives and more
We have all your beekeeping supplies .
Check back, we are adding new pages every week we stock all bee supplies from bee jackets hive tools and all hive equipment, suppers, bottom boards, brood boxes,foundation, frames, and much more
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